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Hi, I’m Mary Cummings, a business woman, mentor, author and mum of three.

I help self-employed parents learn how to build a successful, profitable, business the family-friendly way!


When I experienced the challenges of running a business with young children in tow, it seemed only natural that I should help others learn from my mistakes.

Work and Life Your Way

I founded  Work Your Way to celebrate and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in parents who want to take care of a family AND make a lucrative living, with all the flexibility that working for themselves can afford.

Work and Life Your Way


But I want to do more than just help parents start their own business.  I want to help self-employed parents learn how to build a highly successful and profitable business.


I now work 3 days a week –  Mondays, Wednesdays and the occasional Friday.  The other days I’m usually doing voluntary work for my local church, or simply playing with the kids.  No, I haven’t made my $Millions (yet)!


There seems to be a myth ‘out there’, that if you’re a self-employed parent, you have to settle for a business that just pays the bills.   And that’s because seemingly, the only other alternative is a materialistic, go-getting, high-flying entrepreneur, who’ll stop at nothing to achieve the giddy heights they feel they deserve.


Mention to anyone that of course you want to build a profitable business, but at a slower pace so that you can enjoy your life along the way – well you can’t be a serious entrepreneur, can you!

Work and Life Your Way

I think that’s SO far off the mark!


Being a great parent and a successful entrepreneur – parentpreneur – is easier than you think once you learn how to implement powerful strategies to help you achieve it.

Work and Life Your Way

I don’t know how you feel about the prospect of owning your own successful business or connecting with parent entrepreneurs eager to share their stories and lend a helping hand, but to me, Work Your Way is the website I wished I had found when I launched my first business.


When you really think about it, there is no difference between running a business and raising kids. Both are disciplines mastered over time, both demand oodles of TLC and neither comes with an instruction manual.

Work and Life Your Way

Join our vibrant community of successful parents and benefit from the support, guidance and hard-earned wisdom of like-minded mavericks, out to prove that achieving great profits and enjoying your family is within the reach of every individual brave enough to step up and accept the challenge.


Feel free to explore the resources available on this website, check out my products to see which one can help you achieve the profits that you deserve, or contact me directly for powerful one-on-one business mentoring designed to cut through the jargon and deliver results.


Work and Life Your Way

P.S. If you think cash is the only thing holding you back from launching or expanding your own rewarding business today, then you found me just in time. Let’s talk!


Work and Family Your Way

Thanks for stopping by,

Mary Cummings x