How to sell more Kindle ebooks

Every day more and more people are using Kindle Direct Publishing to upload their book to Amazon and start making money. At least, making money is their intention but in many cases it doesn’t work out that way.

All too often there is an initial flurry of sales to the author’s friends and family and then interest wanes and the book plummets down the Amazon rankings.

If that’s happened to you, don’t despair. There are things that you can do to give your book a fighting chance.

Market research on Amazon is essential. Have a look at other e-books in the same genre, especially those that are doing well in the sales rankings (i.e. those that appear first when you type in search criteria).

In particular, pay attention to the following aspects of the book’s presentation:



Look at it objectively. Does yours appear amateurish in comparison to the others? Does it fit the style for this genre? Regardless of that well-known saying, people DO judge a book by its cover – and this includes e-books.

The internet is awash with professional e-book cover designers but is a good option for those on a budget. Designers advertising on this site will produce an e-book cover design for $5 (about £3.50). A similar service is offered by for £5.



Readers aren’t always attracted by a cheap book. If similar publications of the same length cost significantly more, the cheaper one may give the impression of being substandard in some way.

It’s easy to play around with the price in KDP and see what impact it has on sales. Remember that a book priced at 77p will only earn you 35% royalties but a book priced at £1.53 will earn you 70% royalties – so you will need to sell four books at the lower price to make the same amount of money as one sale at the higher price.



Many writers don’t make the most of the product description facility offered via KDP. This is your sales blurb and you have 4000 characters available. Make the most of it – one or two vague sentences are not enough!

Amazon says, “A well-written description assures readers that the book itself is of similar quality.”

The best product descriptions use bold and bullet points to make them easy to read. These effects can be created using html coding in KDP. But an easier option is to edit the description later via’s Author Central facility, where these facilities are available. However, Author Central only offers a product description of 2500 characters and once you make a change here, you will no longer be able to edit via KDP.

So, if your book’s not selling, spend some time looking at the competition on Amazon and then try the tweaks suggested above.

Good Luck!



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