Balancing Act – Your Whole Life Balance

Employers are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure that their employees are not suffering excessive stress at work – when workers feel that they have a good work-life balance, they will be happier, more efficient, productive, creative and loyal.

Caught in a trap!

Its been a while. Its been just too long. As a new blogger for Work Your Way I had planned to post on a regular basis on my experiences as a freelance writer and blogger working from home. Lets see

Balancing the business and baby!

The new paternity leave rules, applicable if your baby was born after 3rd April 2011, aim to take the UK away from what Nick Clegg has referred to as the ‘Edwardian’ leave system that has been in place so far.

Networking. It’s not just for functions

Search for the term networking on and you will find the definition is ‘…to cultivate people who can be helpful to one professionally…’ So why do we switch off as soon as we leave that networking event or business breakfast? Possibly because we feel the opportunities for networking are over. However, if we think of cultivating relationships with people who we can help, and who can in turn help us professionaly, then we can see that opportunities to network are far from finished.