5 tips to make your party planning career a success

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If as a mum, you are looking to supplement your income then party planning (direct selling) is a great option, with flexible hours and the ability to work for yourself.

Party planning often has very low start-up costs, making it easy and cost effective to get started. In the UK over 400,000 people have a paty plan business and it is the largest provider of part time earning opportunities in the country.

The great range of companies in the UK means that you can pick a company whose products you relate to and feel passionate about.

Look for a company that is a member of the Direct Selling Association as they have to follow a strict code of conduct which is approved by the Office of Fair Trading. Member companies offer a vast array of products that include cosmetics, jewellery, books, homeware, and vacuum cleaners.

The Direct Selling Association’s website has a full list of member companies so is a good place to start if you are looking to get involved in direct selling http://www.dsa.org.uk and Paul Southworth, Director gives his top tips on succeeding as a Direct Selling Consultant.

  • Are you worried you’re not a “salesperson”?  Don’t be. Party planning is first and foremost a people business – it’s all about building relationships and having fun whilst you earn.  The more you have in common with the people you become involved with, the more successful you will be.
  • Have pride in the company and the products you sell and the work you do. Be proud of who you are and your ability to succeed. This kind of pride will instill confidence in those you are showing off products to.
  • Remember that mouth recommendation can be a very powerful asset to your business:  Make sure everyone you deal with has something positive to say about the service you’ve provided.
  • Persistence is key:  Not everyone will say yes; you will often get nos! This doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Think of it as another reason to move onto the next ‘yes’. Always be passionate about the product or business opportunity you are offering. Passion is infectious and people love to be around someone who displays commitment and belief.
  • Have Fun: If you choose products that you have a passion for, you will have fun.  It won’t feel like work at all!

Paul Southworth
Director,  The Direct Selling Association

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For more information, please contact http://www.dsa.org.uk

photo credit: m kasahara via photopin cc


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