Barking & Dagenham


Barking & Dagenham Enterprise


1. Starting a new business

Business Start-Up Programme:  Offering financial and other support, including business training and counselling for emerging entrepreneurs and micro-businesses.

Contact:  Mark Kass
Tel: 020 8227 3030

2.  Need a loan?

Business Loan Fund:  Range of loan funds in the borough, including one that allows small initial borrowings by new as well as existing businesses in the borough unable to secure bank finance. This initial borrowing can be increased to a limit of £10,000 as the business expands.

Contact: Simon Oliver
Tel: 020 8227 3067

3. Advice for growing your business

Business Relationship Managers:  Offering advice and practical help in building and maintaining productive business relationships.

Contact: Paul Bishop
Tel: 020 8724 8292

Contact: Karthik Durgaprasad
Tel: 020 8724 8295


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