How to build in more time with your children

how to build in more time with your kids

As you know, the whole ethos behind the blog here at Work Your Way, is finding and doing work that you love.


Many of us who are self-employed would think twice before stepping back into employment, simply because of the flexibility that self-employment affords us.

But that in itself doesn’t magically make life any easier.  Whether you’re a working parent in employment, or a working parent with your own business, you still have the challenge of getting the balance – or let’s say blend – between work and down-time just right, and when time is constrained, it can have a tremendous impact on your parenting.

You can’t, unfortunately, create any more time in the day!   So what simple things can you do to make a success of working with kids in tow?

Here’s my interview with child behavioural expert Richard Curtis, “The Kid Calmer”, who helps parents learn how to build in more time with their children and create a more harmonious relationship without the stress.


You can find out more about Richard and his 30 Day Parenting Challenge via his website at



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