Freelancers – get busy this Autumn!

It’s chilly this afternoon, which is making The last week of the Holidays seem more real. Autumn is coming, and back to school. Sigh!

For many freelancers and small businesses, September is much more a time of new beginnings than January.

Christmas is a busy season, and if we want to make the most of it we must leap right in to extreme work mode the second the kids go back to school.

Have you got a plan for maximizing your income this term? Is there a crafty project you could dive into which would enhance your business and get your name out there?

Here are a few tips of my own.

  • You could make decorations, sweets or crafts to give to your favourite customers.
  • If you’re sending cards out, consider designing them yourself. Put a Santa hat on your logo, or make a potato stamp if your logo is simple enough and stamp brown paper for wrapping your business gifts. Make a stencil and use gold spray paint to decorate bags or pencil holders; ANYTHING to get customers, friends and family more familiar with your logo and your services.
  • If you can afford to have calendars or coffee mugs professionally printed, that’s great, but remember that there are lots of those out there. Cupcakes or cookies with your logo iced on may not last long, but they will probably have a longer lasting impact! Can you work together with a friend so that both of your businesses benefit?

What can you do during the Christmas season, to make your business stand out?

Share your ideas with us in the comments section, and let’s see what we can all come up with!

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