Could women manage money better?

can women manage money better?

Could women manage money better?  According to new research, we have some catching up to do when it comes to saving, investing and getting a better deal on everything from home and car insurance to broadband. The research, which has been conducted by Callcredit Information Group, uses the company’s consumer database of 44million individuals, and reveals that men take the lead on all aspects of finance and dominate decision making by 3:1. Chris McDonald, Managing Director of Data Solutions at Callcredit Information Group, said:

“Our figures show that twice as many men pay into a pension, and that they are five times more likely to make investments and three times more likely to put money in savings accounts than women. However it could also be down to the fact there is still a pay gap between genders in certain industries. “The data also shows that 50% of men regularly use price comparison sites to hunt out the best deals on broadband, house and motor insurance and more than half will switch suppliers when they find a better deal. However women share a man’s enthusiasm for looking for a deal when it comes to shopping for mobile contracts.”

Chris adds:

“The fact that so many more men than women pay into a pension scheme is worrying, but as the new automatic pension enrollment scheme starts to take effect, hopefully this will help bridge the gulf between the two sexes.

The research is based on data from Callcredit’s Define database which holds information on 44million consumers’ property, car insurance, borrowing, income, savings, technology and online usage, shopping behaviour, interests, holiday preference, charitable and environmental viewpoints and general demographics. Callcredit’s business solutions are designed to help companies discover new customers and improve their engagement with existing customers.  Products include award-winning fraud verification tools, consumer marketing data and segmentation to improve customer understanding, global operations to help expand businesses into new markets, and digital / interactive solutions.  For further details, visit

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