Do you have a passion for fashion? Try direct selling with Captain Tortue


Do you have a passion for fashion?

If you do, then you’ll love Captain Tortue.  It is a unique French fashion company that sells beautifully designed women’s and children’s clothes direct to customers in the comfort of their home. Created by Lillian and Philippe Jacquelinet in Aix en Provence in 2003, this family owned company has grown to become the most successful direct sales fashion company in Europe.

The three collections of women’s and children’s clothes are refreshingly different from the high street. Incredibly stylish with unique designer detail, the clothes are sold by trained fashion consultants from home. These consultants are women of all ages who love fashion, socialising and working from home.

For mums with young children, it’s the perfect opportunity to fit in earning extra money with family commitments. Inviting mums round for a coffee or showing the collection at a friend’s house in the evening is the personal and social way Captain Tortue help their customers to find the right outfits for themselves and their children.

Customers rave about the fun and fabulous shopping experience.

“Giving personal attention and helping women create their own style with pieces they wear again and again means that we enjoy a very special relationship with our customers, “ says Alice Wood, Manager for Captain Tortue in London.

Consultants sell throughout the UK and Ireland so full local training is provided by your Manager. There is so much support from the company, including sales literature, samples and advice; everything you need from day one. Training is free, and a great perk is getting a fabulous wardrobe of clothes for you and your children at half price – as well as the monthly commission! The initial investment is low and refundable. It’s possible to earn a full or part-time income; whichever suits you.

There are three brands: Captain Tortue children’s clothes (age 6 months to 14 years), Miss Captain (size 6 to 20) and Lady Captain (size 10 to 24).
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