eCourse: A complete guide to outsourcing on a budget

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Home businesses have achieved such popularity, that the concept of outsourcing has become just as popular. If anything, it has become a necessity, if not the backbone, of many home businesses today.

If you have ever struggled with maintaining your own website, your own bookkeeping or even something simple as data entry, you’ll understand the dilemma of needing a job done fast and deciding whether or not to outsource it.

The chances are, however, you’re might be operating on a tight budget.

How can you benefit from outsourcing and at the same time, get the most out of your budget too?

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This free eCourse will provide some helpful tips on:

  • Why you should seriously consider outsourcing
  • What you can outsource
  • Where and how to find professionals to reply upon
  • Top tips on selecting the right person
  • How much you should pay
  • Top tips on Bartering
  • Working together long-term, how to maintain a great working relationship

… and much more!

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I’m Mary Cummings, a ghostwriter, collaborator and all round word doctor. I help business owners write and publish business books; I'm also passionate about helping creative freelancers find work that they love - their work sweet spot with work on their terms, projects they love and clients who are a dream to work for.

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