Flexible working is top benefit

Flexible working has been named the ‘most sought after workplace benefit’, according to new research cited by grapevine.com.

A study carried out by savings and protection society, Engage Mutual, found that rather than a sky-high salary, 55 per cent of those polled placed most value on the opportunity to work flexibly. The second-placed benefits, according to the 1,254 adults questioned, were employer pension contributions and help with healthcare costs.

42 per cent of respondents said they would like more benefits, while 38 per cent claimed they were not in receipt of any benefits at all from their employer.

Benefits have become so integral that according to wsandb.co.uk, one in ten people said they would turn down a job if they were not offered any benefits in addition to salary; a strong sentiment, given the current job climate.

Commenting on the study, Helen Smith, head of Engage Mutual Health, said: “Our study highlights the significant value that working Brits are placing on employee benefits. The good news is, for employers, this need not necessarily impact the bottom line significantly and offering sought-after benefits can be crucial in retaining and attracting staff and in some cases manage absenteeism.

“Introducing some basic perks that provide instant value for employees is a good way to boost morale without a substantial investment.”


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