The Freelance Success Course

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The Freelance Success Course shows you how to run a profitable, freelance business.

Let’s face it, you’re an amazing Creative Freelancer. You love what you do, your clients love what you do too.

But be honest, does this sound like you?

  1. You find it hard to gain visibility
  2. You find it hard to find clients.
  3. You’re simply not charging enough – possibly still charging low-end, hourly fees.
  4. You’re working an insane number of hours, your social life is suffering because of it, and months or even years later, you’re STILL not earning a profit.


If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re like many freelancers, it’s not your level of expertise that gets in the way of running a profitable freelance business, it’s the actual running of the business behind the scenes that can take its toll.

  • Positioning (finding your niche in the marketplace)
  • Pitching (what’s the best way to pitch for work and land new cilents?)
  • Pricing (how can you charge what you are worth?)


I’ve been there, I know exactly how you feel.

When I started Freelancing as a Virtual Assistant 15 years ago, I thought charging cheap, hourly rates was the best way to win clients.

That tactic certainly landed me plenty of clients, but it meant working long hours, well into the night and all weekend, and frankly, I had very little to show for it in my bank account.

I learned how to package up my skills and talents in a variety of different ways, so my clients could buy from me in a variety of different ways.

I also learned how to charge a premium for my personal time.

It’s what I’m going to show you on this course: “Freelance Success: Learn how to charge premium fees”.

With over 20 lectures, 16 videos (1.5hrs of video content) and downloadable resources, you’ll learn:

  • How to laser target your niche and specialise.
  • How to transform your talents into niche, high-end service packages.
  • How to make the most out of your most expensive commodity and charge a premium for it.
  • How to laser target your marketing efforts, to directly target your ideal client.
  • How to launch, cross promote and create a buzz around your packages, effortlessly, without the stress.
  • How to expand your reach.
  • How to diversify, and much more.


This course is a revised sequel to my debut course launched in 2015, “90 Days to Higher Paying Clients”.

Here’s what one of my students had to say about it:

“Mary has taught me how crucial it is to work on your business as well as in it. I have benefited enormously from getting an outside view on what I do and how to do it better. Working with Mary has brought about a clarity I hadn’t managed to achieve on my own and I now feel more confident in putting what I’ve learned into practice and promoting my business to a wider audience and growing my client-base.  Mary’s coaching has been invaluable and her care and attention greatly appreciated as she learned about my business. She has a lovely sense of humour and is a real pleasure to work with.”  Natalie Wills, Publishing Consultant, NSW Consulting


And praise for the revised course:

“Mary has provided an in-depth look into how you can put together niche service packages that are profitable. I took this course because along with re-branding my business I also wanted to start using package pricing because I have spent the last 3.5 years trading my time for money, and it’s no longer working for me. The course is in-depth, and Mary goes well beyond showing you how you create these packages, she also covers marketing, social media and other areas which have really given me some great ideas for the future of my business. I now plan on spending some time really planning my packages following all of Mary’s wonderful advice. Great course, and I would recommend it to any freelancer who is still trading their time for money.” Jo Harrison, Virtual Assistant


If you’re here because you realise *something* has to change, you’re right.  Something does have to change.

Join my students who are learning what it is and how to change it.


The course is hosted on, where you’ll have lifetime access to take it entirely at your own pace plus my support via the student forum too.

So, want in?

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Freelance Success: Learn how to charge premium fees