Freelancers reminded to consider customer goals

It is crucial to always think about what a customer’s goals are in a short-term contract, it has been claimed.

Chris Lake, director of product development at Econsultancy, offered the advice on to consultants, agencies and people in freelance jobs; saying that there are tactical as well as budgetary objectives that must be understood.

He said: “All of our projects are there for a reason. It is important for partners to see how a project fits into the bigger picture. A lack of awareness about the tactical value of the project is bad news for us.”

Among the other recommendations mentioned by Mr Lake are for individuals in business meetings to make sure they ask enough questions, are punctual, do not use too many buzzwords and always have a viable “plan of attack”.

The Econsultancy executive noted that not all of the company’s external partnerships have worked and sometimes it has been for one of these reasons, which should give freelancers food for thought.

Full-time freelancer Tom Christmann added on that every worker can learn something from the ideal freelancer attitude, since people in this position have the ultimate responsibility to organise themselves and are essentially “masters of their own destiny”.

In his opinion, workers without fixed contracts tend to be good at doing one thing at a time and not getting easily distracted. He also praised the tendency for freelancers to dislike complaining about work, since this is where their money comes from.

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