Freelancers value good coffee over smart phone

Twitter, Skype and coffee beat smart-phone as items freelancers can’t live without

Research recently released by online accountants Crunch shows that smart-phones are rated only seventh in a list of the most important things UK freelancers can’t live without. The main computer, online communication, task management tools, networking events and coffee were all rated more highly.

Only 5% of freelancers rated the smart-phone as their most important tool at work, compared with 34% who chose their main computer and 21% who selected online communication tools, such as Twitter. Even coffee came in at fifth place with 8% of the vote.

Surprisingly, the research also found that male freelancers appear to be more social with 12% of men stating that they couldn’t live without social business support networks, compared to only 4% of women.

Owner and MD at Crunch, Darren Fell said:

“This research is fascinating. It seems to show that despite a push towards more mobile working, today’s freelancers are still tied to their desks. This is why we’re throwing them, many of whom are Crunch customers, a party in Brighton to mark National Freelancer Day on 23 November. Brighton has around double the national average of freelancers, so it’ll be a great opportunity for some networking over a well deserved drink, although we will need to make sure we have enough coffee!”

The most important thing (number one most important) in a freelancers’ working life according to new research from Crunch:


The number one most important thing at work: All Females  Males
1. Main computer 34.5 % 37% 32%
2. Online communication tools (e.g. Skype, Twitter) 20.5% 22.5% 18.5%
3. Organisation/task management tools (e.g. Dropbox) 13.5% 14.5% 12%
4. Social/ business support networks 8% 4.5 12%
5. Good coffee 8% 7% 8%
6. Broadband 6% 3.5% 8
7. Mobile/smart-phone 5% 6% 4%
8. My diary 3.5% 2% 5%
9. Tablet computer 1.5% 3% 0%
10. Local bakery/shop 0% 0% 0%


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