Have you considered Mobile Marketing for your business?

Remember the days when making or receiving a phone call meant having to track down a landline because they were the only phones available?

Technology has advanced to the stage where we can now take our work and our businesses on the road with us. If you have an online business, this has created an incredible opportunity for you to put mobile marketing to work.

According to MobiThinking there are a staggering 6,500 different models of mobile device capable of accessing your website. And you can’t assume everyone has a Smartphone. According to the latest figures (as at June 2012) only 1 in 5 phones sold in the previous year was a Smartphone .

The vast majority of people will be accessing a website via a mobile phone. What does this mean for PC websites? It is vital that you ensure your website is adapted for mobile use. You may have a great website and feel satisfied that it works perfectly well across different browsers. But (a) do you know exactly what it looks like on a mobile or smart phone and (b) can you adapt your business to take advantage of the different forms of mobile marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is marketing via the latest technology such as mobile phones, blackberries, Android, iPod devices and more. Given that so many of us have our phones with us at all times, adopting mobile marketing for your business could potentially mean better access to potential clients and they could have better access to you.

How does it work? Well taking SMS marketing for example, people can receive messages via their mobile devices to receive news about your latest product, launch, webinar etc. (you may have seen “text to win” messages in advertisements).

You can also use location-based marketing to share your location-based information through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The best way to learn how to use mobile marketing for your own business is to use it yourself. Why not play around with the mobile features and applications available on your phone? If you become more familiar with mobile media, you’ll feel more confident about using it for your own marketing initiatives.





I’m Mary Cummings, a ghostwriter, collaborator and all round word doctor. I help business owners write and publish business books; I'm also passionate about helping creative freelancers find work that they love - their work sweet spot with work on their terms, projects they love and clients who are a dream to work for.

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