Help With Council Tax or Business Tax Arrears

While paying Council Tax or Business Rates is no fun task, failing to keep up with payments can quickly turn into stressful arrears and see bailiffs knocking at the door.

If you are struggling to pay your Council or Business Tax, you should contact your local Council as soon as possible. They may be able to spread your payments over a longer time – although in general, they will expect this spread to be within the current financial year and you might also qualify for Council Tax Reduction.

However, Councils don’t have the best reputation for being understanding when times are tough.  Specialist advisors CTA (Council Tax Advisors) provide free expert advice nationwide, including a mediation service for people struggling with their Council Tax bills and Business Rates.

The company says that while many customers first make contact after being visited by bailiffs, by offering clients advice on how to deal with major bailiff companies, CTA can often solve 60% of all issues brought to them with a single conversation.

For more information, visit CTA’s website at htttp:// 


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