Help for you to research, start and run your own business

helping you research, start and run your own business

I have partnered with Scavenger, to provide Work Your Way’s many self-employed and micro-business owners with even more help to research, start-up and run a business.

These have all been researched and provided by Scavenger, a company of Cobweb Ltd, known throughout the UK as a leading business publisher which reports on the facts, risks, opportunities and practical trading issues faced by business start ups and owners.  Their services are accessed via subscription by business advisers, information professionals, enterprise support agencies, banks and business funders. Please click this link for more details.

Disclaimer: Please note that I receive a small commission for each purchase made, every penny of which goes into creating more downloadable resources.     I hope you find these guides useful, thank you for your support.


How can help you:

  • Search over 500 factsheets, guides and reports
  • Buy and view factsheets instantly
  • Learn the facts, avoid the risks and stay legal


Business Information Factsheets

Hundreds of 2-4 page factsheets that provide practical information about the essential aspects of running a small business. Topics include business start up, planning and preparation, trading legally, small business finance, finding new customers, business admin, VAT and tax. Each factsheet includes practical information, advice and tips, and references to more detailed or specialist further sources of information.


Business Opportunity Profiles

Hundreds of 3-4 page factsheets that explain the main factors to consider when setting up a specific type of business. They explain what the business idea involves, the major legal issues, start up costs, training/qualifications needed and competitive factors with plenty of references to further sources of information, advice and support in each small business sector.


UK Market Synopsis

8-10 page guides to the key performance trends, influences and forecasts for a particular market sector. They cover information such as emerging business and market opportunities, market trends and patterns, Government initiatives and legal developments. Simply find the information you need by either typing in the search box (for example “business plan“), or select a topic by browsing the list of categories.


It’s a fantastic resource, which I’m sure you will find extremely valuable.

To access Scavanger.Net  please click this link:


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