Home offices becoming a must-have

A study has found that alongside the usual must-haves, like secure parking and en-suites in the master bedroom, home offices have become very desirable for house-hunters.

This is because the Live/Work Business Briefing 2012 found that increasingly, the number of people opting for home working over office-based work has in turn created increased demand for home offices.

In fact, the number of Britons running a business from home has increased by some 80,000 over the last year; with 2.43 million people currently choosing to do so. In England and Wales, this trend is strongest in Surrey, additional research from Smart Growth Analytics found. In fact, most of England’s top hotspots for home working are in the South East, with Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Kent coming slightly behind Surrey.

Smart Growth Analytics’ principal analyst, Jim Plynkett-Cole, gave his thoughts on what the results mean. Cited by Independent.co.uk, he said: “The findings demonstrate the economic importance of home offices in regional economies across the country. They begin to help us understand the increasingly important home-based economic functionality of the more rural and residential areas outside of London.”

Further, Workhubs Network director Tim Dwelly suggested that home working has become “critical” to the British economy. Although research from his own firm found two-thirds of home workers are male, it could be that the area has been given a boost by the rise of the so-called ‘mumpreneur’ – mothers who choose to start their own business.

The number of home offices popping up around the UK may continue to grow further too, as Hexus.net recently revealed that the upcoming Olympic Games have made home working particularly “big” this year; potentially given the trouble workers may have commuting during the event.

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