How Pinterest could be making you money and generating your highest source of traffic

Pinterest became the new hottie on the block in early 2012 and what followed was a take up in active users that made Google+ uncomfortably squirm. In the beginning there were some questionable terms and conditions that raised some eyebrows in the photography community but for the most part all is re-written and forgiven.

The future, we were told, was shopping online in the comfort of our living room but now the empty high streets are making that future a reality you have to wonder how brave this new world really is. To be a success as a retailer you have to sell online. To sell online successfully you shouldn’t be ignoring Pinterest.

The fact of the matter is, even if you ignore Pinterest completely it could still be making you a considerably large amount of money and be one of your highest sources of traffic referral.

How does it do that I hear you ask?

People who think your stuff is awesome have been pinning your stuff. They’ve been putting your lovely hand knitted hats onto a board called Hats Hats and more Hats or they’ve been taking pictures from your wedding dress website and putting them on the board called “One day”.

Isn’t that nice of them?

The problem is that firstly you have to rely on the people that love your products to actually be Pinterest users and then you have got to hope that they pin your images to their boards without any prompting.

Now I know that you know that hope is a pretty poor marketing strategy but their is an easy remedy.

You create a Pinterest business account, verify your website, create some interesting themed boards and pin away to your heart’s delight.

Sounds pretty simple but make sure you have some other important things in place first.

Awesome images of your products that will look good on a mobile device (not so tiny that we can’t make it out).

Descriptive alt tags on all your images – see this one from Oliver Bonas as a wonderful example

Pin it buttons on your website – you’ve got like and share already I take it?

You actively follow, share and engage with other users – it’s social networking remember, not shouting.

But what if you’re not selling a physical product?

Well, hopefully you should be illustrating and marketing your services through imagery so why not build a board around that. Hopefully those images are original and will stand out and allow your business to set itself apart from the crowd.

An example would be Infographics about twitter if you sell social media expertise or Halloween outfit ideas if your organise parties. Not all the images you pin have to (or in fact should) be from your own website.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had the most followed board for purple weddings dresses (that you also just happen to make) or the most popular board for tips on baby proofing your house if you sell those plastic things you put on the corners of cupboards?


Do you have an unusual or interesting themed Pinterest board? Share in the comments.

Pinterest is a platform which enables users to visualise the lifestyle they desire, illustrate it and customise it to their own personal specifications. They are doing this with your products or services. That, is what makes it such a powerful and relevant tool for marketers.

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