How poor product images could decrease your ROI

In this series of articles I’m going to be talking about lots of different ways you can create free or at least affordable images in your business.

I think it’s a great idea for businesses to get their clients to photograph themselves using their products but I wouldn’t suggest they use those images as the core source of their product imagery. These images are at the heart of your marketing and they reveal a lot about your business. You wouldn’t want that part to appear amateurish now would you?

Buisness head shots London Memory Gate photography

Let’s begin with head-shots. Actually what I mean is pictures of you and your staff. These can actually be just pictures taken from the shoulder up or they can be photos taken on location, interacting with your products or just in your place of business.

Essentially what these photos represent is the human face of your business. They are your twitter profile images, your blog article avatars and they need to fit their purpose.

One photo might not fit every part of your brand but it’s good to have at least a running theme or style. Having the same photographer create different types of images for your brand is certainly a step towards consistency.

If you are selling a service then your head-shot is actually part of your product. The type of profile image you have needs to reflect what you do and of course show you in the right light (excuse the geeky photography pun).


There are two types of product photography. Plain white background shop images and products in action or in use, sometimes referred to an environmental product photography.

How you use these types of images is different but in many cases I would suggest you need both.

If you were selling a garden spade then you’ll need a picture of someone digging a hole to use in your marketing.  When people arrive at your online shop, you’ll need a simple product image for them to properly inspect and hopefully purchase.  Both types of imagery are important, but the picture digging the hole may cost you more money to create.

If you want to look at things from a ROI perspective then spend more money on photography that attracts people into your business than the images they experience once they arrive.

Do you measure ROI for the images you use in your business? If so share how you do it in the comments. 

You will sell more spades if you show them digging holes, than if you just show a still picture of a spade.

Once you have identified what type of images you need then you can go about hiring the right kind of photographer, do read our article Start with a Professional about that very subject.

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