How using original images improves your brand image

I recently saw an advert for a web hosting company that not only offered you hosting but a ready to go content management system which included images to use on your website. They didn’t offer ambiguous text which you could fill the pages with though.

These ready to use images are what we refer to as royalty-free stock and are the best way to make your business as bland and forgettable as possible. There is a reason you can get royalty free stock photography for free or next to nothing: it’s not worth anything. If something isn’t worth anything to the person selling it then why on earth would you want to use it?

I’m not totally against stock libraries, far from it. The problem is cheap stock images. Remember when you could buy those CDs of clip art? Everyone was over using them on presentations, handouts and even signage that adored office kitchens and told everyone to wash up their own cups.

baby photographers Wimbledon Memory Gate

Cheap stock images are just that, tacky and far from the original heart and soul of your brand.

Create your own website with ready to go images……

No, burn your money in a flaming pit of regret and despair I say.

The big secret is that original images don’t even have to be that good, it helps but it’s not paramount. Essentially they are images which are created with the sole purpose of representing your brand. They can be professionally produced or sourced from your clients. Even better, they could be taken by you.

Which images do you use that really represent your brand? Share in the comments. 

First and foremost you need to do a bit of planning. I’ve already talked about the core images that you should be spending money on Headshots and Products but that’s not the only imagery you’re going to need.

Think about where you already work with photographers. Do you attend events where there are photographers present? You might not be the one hiring the photographer but you can certainly speak to them and see if there are any pictures they have taken that you could purchase. You might even get your hands on images that weren’t offered to the original client.

Everybody these days has a camera and its usually on their phone. If your clients like your product then they’ll probably be photographing themselves or someone else using it. Social media is a great way to source these types of original images. If the images don’t exist then the easiest thing to do is to ask for them. Just be clear what you intend to use the images for when you do ask for them!

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