Identifying business opportunities and new clients

Most Freelancers agree that finding work during the current climate is challenging. However, while companies downsize and increasingly outsource work, freelance opportunities will continue to become available.

Annie Mannig, has worked for many companies and individuals helping with business development and marketing their products and services.  She gives her tips on identifying freelance opportunities.


1: Self-promotion:  Marketing your skills

If you are new to freelancing you soon realise to you have to be your own marketing/employment agency and just as an agency contacts and courts organisations to find those opportunities you have to do the same.

If you don’t have any marketing experience I strongly suggest you take advice from the experts. Becoming freelance is often about retraining and self development so if you cannot afford to go on a marketing course don’t be dismissive of the ‘How to Market yourself’ books.

Tip: Training and research is tax deductable so keep receipts.


2:  Identify your skills

Decide exactly what services you feel you can offer, try to be competitively priced and offer something different to give you that unique selling point. Be focused in your expertise and abilities and realistic in what you can deliver to clients. Remain flexible but remember one cannot be all things to all men. Be prepared to discuss their full requirements and if you can take on say the admin part of the role to secure the work then do so!

Tip: Don’t pretend you possess skills if you don’t!


3: Organise your promotional material

Ensure your CV and/or promotional material i.e. business cards, letterheads flyers are up to date and ready to use before you start approaching companies. Whilst a lot of companies are happy with CV’s being emailed many will still expect to receive something from you in the post.

Tip:  Don’t hit the phones until you are organised……



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