Balancing a full-time job with being a father and launching a new business

Memfy.comLife is full of priceless memories. Whether they’re life achievements, funny moments from the past, or your child’s first words, Memfy allows you to quickly and privately record and remember the moments, with the option to download them as a PDF at a later date.

Inspiration for the business:

Anand was chatting with a University friend they were trying to recall an event that happened during those uni days. But neither could remember the details. They figured there must be a web-based service out there that you can just log your memories on, but didn’t find any. So they built one and was born!

Lack of hours – the biggest challenge:

Building the business and running it whilst balancing a full-time job elsewhere that pays the bills. Anand gets on average 4-5 hours sleep per night.

The average day is spent…

Planning, executing, emailing, pitching, social marketing and that’s all between 6.30-8am. Then he’s off to work in the day job. He has a hefty commute so uses this time for a bit of reading and emailing and phone calls. The same during lunch and on the return journey. As soon as he hits home, he spends a good few hours with the family (unless he’s attending a Tech networking event), then at around 10.30pm, he’s back on the laptop getting things done. By 1.30-2am, he’s ready to hit the sack – most of the time anyway!

A virtual business

Anand runs a virtual business, made up of himself in London, Janice (his excellent assistant based in the Philippines), his developer who is based in Argentina responsible for the up-keep of the site and day to day fixes, further development and various other freelancers that he calls upon for specialist help, like PR or design.’s USP is… the only online service that allows you to record your memories (text-based with the ability to add photos, videos) whilst keeping you in full control of your information. The memories are yours, and you can download PDF copies at any time. Why should anyone not allow you an easy way of extracting them if that’s what you want to do?

In five years they’d like to be…

The first site new parents go to when they find out they’re going to have their first baby, in the top 10 of downloaded apps on iOS, Android and Windows.

Our best piece of advice for gaining investment/how we’re funded (depending on which applies to your company).  If it’s your first startup, bootstrap as much as possible, so you know what is possible on small budgets.

Use outsourcing websites like oDesk, and Freelancer to get the best value for money (notice I didn’t say cheap though that is the aim once you’ve benchmarked quality), and hire someone who can help you out in the day-to-day administration of your business.

Do as many parts of the business yourself as humanly possible. Then when you’ve literally can do no more, that’s when you hire!

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