Introduction to imagery in business

Social media and content driven marketing has made today’s businesses more conscientious about the images they use to promote their brand. This is a series of articles looking at everything from professional head shots and product photography to taking your own photos and utilising social media platforms.

However you promote your brand there will be something in these articles for you. Imagery doesn’t have to cost thousands and if you spend wisely you could save hundreds.

I’m going to start off this series with an introduction as this is my first guest post here at Work Your Way. Actually you could call it a full disclosure statement as the opinions you will (hopefully) read are coming from the metaphorical pen of a completely biased photographer.

I have two passions in my work life. The images I create and the ability to share thoughts and ideas with other businesses. Sharing is not only a one way street, by putting my ideas out there I receive feedback and inevitably make them better.

I have been a working full time photographer for the past ten years or so and since settling back in the UK four years ago I have been running my own photography business Memory Gate. It’s been an ongoing learning process, I started with no money and very little business experience so I sought advice from wherever I could find it.

Social media, blogs and professional photography societies helped me but so did the generosity and advice of others that I met both on and offline.

The best bit of advice I received was to hone my craft and the rest will slowly fall into place. All of the best marketing efforts in the world are going to be useless without a good product at the end of the day. As a photographer I can show off my product in the best way possible, so thankfully I don’t have to worry about hiring in someone else to create visuals of what I sell. I do have to worry about the other stuff, but thankfully I have help with that.

The point is that imagery in your business could be focus of what you sell, or it could be simply an illustration of what you do, but whichever way you look at it the images you use are important. They tell a story, maybe not in a thousand words but in one big blast of creativity.

Over the next few weeks, I will help you properly consider all of the different areas in your business where you are using (or perhaps should be using) images. Not only that, I’ll also be sharing a few ideas that will help you create a better visual identity for your brand (and I’m not talking about logos or design).

I’d also be interested to find out about how you use images in a creative and different way so please share in the comments, on Twitter @memorygate or via our Google+ Community London Small Business Network


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