Journalist hails diversity of freelance work

A journalist has said the diversity of work he can do as a freelancer is one of his favourite aspects of having this type of contract.

Speaking to, technology writer Huw Kidwell described how he gets to cover all sorts of different events and news stories as a freelance journalist, adding that “it’s never boring or repetitive”.

As well as never feeling bored, the other part of freelance jobs he enjoys is being his own boss, as it allows him the flexibility to be hands-on with his children; for instance, helping out with the school run.

Reflecting on the funniest experiences in his career, he said: “I was once commissioned by a company to conduct some industry telephone interviews. Another client contacted me asking if I could lead a telephone interview for them … turns out I was the one asking the questions, and answering them!”

Peculiar experiences are commonplace among more adventurous writers. One freelance journalist who recently pursued an unusual project that turned into a book is Lizzie Stark, author of ‘Leaving Mundania’. She spent 18 months taking part in live action role play games in New York state in the US, according to

Ms Stark, who ended up travelling to Scandinavia to complete her research into this type of game, played ‘Knight Realms’ – a game that has reportedly been going on for years. She described it as being like playing a part in a video game, but in real life.

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