Michael Shilling

Michael Shilling is Work Your Way’s Business Expert for Social Media and Inbound Marketing.


Michael has been working in the photography industry for the last 12 years and is currently a partner in Memory Gate Photography which he formed in 2009 with fellow creative Marcin Mieczkowski.

Michael’s photography background is a varied one having spent five years working in the cruise industry before settling back in the UK in 2008. After photographing somewhere in the region of 100,000 people’s portraits this put him in a position where he stepped into the role as a manger for two photography studios shortly after returning to South West London. During his time at the studios he increased the businesses profits by 1000% before deciding to move on and start his own company, Memory Gate Photography.

Work Your Way Business Expert

As a child of the digital revolution and a self processed geek, Michael has always been a keen early adopter of technology and new media.

In 2010 Michael began a two year blogging project aimed at photographers and the photography business. He posted over 1000 articles and recorded 150 podcasts on a number of subjects from marketing and social media to website design and industry news. At the same time Michael was also a contributor for US based photography business website Current Photographer where his articles on Marketing for Photographers were well received.

In 2012 Michael took his training offline and was invited to be a speaker at The Societies annual convention in London. He was invited back in 2013 and will also be hosting two classes at next year’s event on Blogging and Inbound Marketing.

Michael was also delighted to be put on the same billing as Mayor of London Boris Johnson at the 2013 International Women’s Day Conference at City Hall where he spoke on the subject of harnessing inbound marketing and social media.

Michael is a keen advocate of sharing knowledge and the importance of content marketing in any business. As Memory Gate continues to grow their social media presence and blog plays a central role in that development.

As well as contributing articles for Work Your Way, Michael is a contributor and trainer for Media Partner, London Mums Magazine, where he has a dedicated training section and regular articles on marketing and photography.

Along with their photography for businesses, Memory Gate also offers social media and blogging strategy training.

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