How much time do you spend having fun with your kids?

fun playing with kids

According to a recent survey, most parents have 30 minutes or less to spend having fun with their children.


Leading children’s clothing specialist Vertbaudet reached out to its half a million Facebook followers, to ask mums and dads how much time they spent playing or reading with their children.


The company discovered that 54% of parents found only half an hour or less to play or read with their children each day. Three in every four mums or dads (76%) were only able to spare an hour or less each day, and just 14% were able to spend two or more hours playing with their children.


According to the latest official employment statistics in the UK, around 13.4 million women aged 16 to 64 are in work (42% part-time), as well as 15.3 million men (12% part-time).


But, the importance of maintaining a comfortable standard of living for the entire family could be undermining a steady and healthy work-life balance, which Vertbaudet is hoping to address with guidance for its followers.


A spokesperson at Vertbaudet said: “It’s sad to see that work is getting in the way of quality time between parents and their children, even though they’re supporting a healthier, happier environment for children to grow up in by working.


“Still, we want there to be as much quality bonding time with little ones as possible, so we’ve put together a list of tips on our blog to help working parents make the most of their precious time.”


He added that the blog was released one week before National Work-Life Week, meaning that parents could start preparing small adjustments for that day.





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