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Nicole Kirk:  Mum of 2, host mum to au pairs, owner of, Motivating Mum franchisee, lover of chocolate, cheese and wine and dreams of being a Domestic Goddess but let’s keep it real!


A few years ago, I was inspired by an article I read in a magazine about people who had ‘profile careers’.

There were examples of someone working as an office manager 2 days a week and fulfilled her passion of painting on the other days to sell her work at markets. Another, together with her best friend, launched a company selling organic childrens wear whilst her ‘day job’ was as a Personal Assistant. You get the picture. A profile career was my vision to get me where I wanted to be.

I had by now, had my second child and always worked fulltime within retail/HR. Having previously been au pair in different countries myself as well as managing an agency in South Africa, this was truly my passion.


The last 13 years in London has been both hard work and exciting as in that time, I was married, had children and we had bought our first property, not all in that order though! A restructure late in 2010 in my then company, gave me the opportunity to take a break and reflect on my next steps.

BAM! There was my opportunity – to do what I *wanted* to do. FINALLY, I needn’t commute up to 1.5 hours after ‘flinging’ my daughter into breakfast club at school and then racing against the clock to collect my son from nursery!

I found a job share close to home and started my business, an au pair agency,  Cliché but the first year of my business was a big learning curve for me and can say that after 1 and a half years down the line, with a relaunch of my website, I am feeling more focussed and positive AND business is growing!

Irrespective of geographical location, my business can help you with having an au pair, an affordable childcare solution. I am available for no obligation enquiries, depending on your location, a call, skype chat or email may suit you, get in touch, I love to talk about my own experiences as a host mother and how the programme works!

I have also become a Motivating Mum franchisee for my area, Sutton/Wallington, bringing mums in business together to network. Varied sessions are available for all stages of businesses, a great way to discuss your business idea or frustrations with other mums in business

If you are a juggling mum in business, I would love to connect with you, wherever you are!

Nicole Kirk
Twitter: @NicoleKirk1



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