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Nan Sheppard is Work Your Way’s business expert for Freelance Writing.


Nan was born in Trinidad into a family of artistic and enterprising people, and spent countless childhood hours with her nose in books, painting and writing poetry. Being involved in the family business from an early age, Nan was taught to draw, dream and run a creative enterprise without going bananas. Nan went on to run a thriving craft business while juggling parenthood with three small sons.

While working as a parenting lecturer at trade schools in Trinidad and Tobago, Nan became passionate about writing as a medium for spreading information and helping struggling parents. This led to writing and editing for handbooks and newsletters, as well as designing and publishing for charities. Nan received a Certificate of Recognition for Services to the People of Trinidad and Tobago for her charity work there, and gained valuable experience in communication, public speaking, fund raising and project management.

Work Your Way Business Expert

With a move to the UK with her sons in 2009, Nan focused more on her writing, expanded her website and started pitching to glossy magazines. She has since written everything from video scripts to advice columns to exciting texts about the chemistry and geometry of bubbles. And this is why she loves being a freelance writer – where else would you earn money playing with bubbles? Plus, writing is the best career for getting to say wonderful things about oneself in the third person.

Nan believes in good old-fashioned grammar and has been known to surreptitiously correct misplaced apostrophes. She writes regularly about her stellar parenting skills for The Green Parent Magazine, which her sons find highly amusing. They prefer her non-fiction for children in Aquila Magazine, where she writes mostly about science.

Nan can write a haiku in seventeen seconds, takes pretty good photos and understands the importance of a good cup of coffee.

When she isn’t writing, Nan can be found working as an agency temp, cooking enormous meals for teenagers, or up a tree. If you can’t find her, she’s in the bath with a book and does not want to be disturbed.

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