National Freelancers Day set to capture freelancers with its webinars

This National Freelancers Day, 23 November 2011, PCG is calling on all freelancers to fire up their laptops, tablets and smart phones and get online to take advantage of an unprecedented horde of freelance advice.

Whatever position, whatever stage of career, freelancers can take advantage of 16 free webinars crammed full of tips for freelancers from social media and tax to how big is the freelance market, with contributions from internationally renowned experts.

Commenting on the series, contributor and former Al Gore speech writer and bestselling author, Dan Pink stated:

“As freelancers we have to wear many hats. And if you don’t wear the business hat, you’re going to get rained on.”

The 16 webinar series is divided into four sections – running the show, winning work, building a strong profile and the changing world of work. These aim to address the core questions that face freelancers today through perceptions, advice and tips are provided from companies such as Nokia and as well as some of the sectors best known authors and of course freelancers practicing in the UK.

John Brazier, Managing Director of PCG the organisation behind National Freelancers Day, commented:

“Last year over a million people were touched by National Freelancers Day and many of them had serious questions about the business of freelancing. This year we have reached out to experts across the world to answer these questions across a series of webinars for freelancers on our website. NFD is more than a day and this treasure trove of advice ensures the initiative will still be relevant and used long after the 23 November 2011.”

The four webinar themes are listed below and draw heavily from the Mastermind sessions from National Freelancers Day 2010. They are set to go live on the 23 November 2011:

Freelancers and the changing world of work – focussing on longer-term planning and at how developments in the new economy are impacting the freelance workforce. As entrepreneur Matt Barrie points out, the internet has disrupted many industries across the board and the world is trying to work out how to adapt: “there are a lot of opportunities, but also a lot of threats that freelancers need to be aware of.”

Building a strong profile – standing out from the crowd, looking at actionable things that you can implement in the medium term to improve your credibility and standing in the market.

Winning work – is pretty fundamental to any business and freelancers are no exception, techniques discussed and examples used look at how freelancers can improve their chances of success.

Running the show – is a belt and braces look at helping new and established freelancers explore the options to design an effective business framework.

On top of this on the go advice on National Freelancers Day 23 November 2011, freelancers can download a free 80 page guide to freelancing, register to win a free web short for their business and tune in live to the second annual freelance lecture.

To get involved in the day and view the webinars visit  for information about the organisers PCG, visit


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