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“You are gong to be OK aren’t you?” Sarah, my wife asks for the hundredth time, sympathetically tilting her head to one side.

“Yes, we will be fine, now go to work before you’re late.”  Trying my hardest to sound convincing, I continue.

“How hard can it be? He’s only six months’ old. What could possibly go wrong?”

Finally reassured by my confidence, Sarah kisses both Jake and I, flings her bag over her shoulder and with one quick wave, heads off to work, closing the front door behind her.

Now I must admit at that point, dread came over me. And yes, just for a split second,  “what the hell am I going to do with a baby” crossed my mind.

Jake who is six months’ old, is very cute, loves drinking milk and is absolutely brilliant at impersonating a seal whilst lying on his tummy. But otherwise, he does nothing other than poo, sick up and keep us awake all night.

After I was made redundant, Sarah and I decided I’d become a full-time Dad. An assortment of coffee, biscuits and day time telly sounded good to me!

So this was it. My first day in my new job.  A little nervous, palms sweating, stomach churning and I could definitely smell poo already.  But, hey, I’m now officially a newly qualified dad!

Time to change his nappy.  OK, so we have wet wipes, a clean nappy and a change of clothes.

I grab a clean nappy, only to find myself using it to shield me from the unexpected little spray, while Jake chuckles. Little monkey.

I quickly remove my soggy jeans and am right in the middle of changing Jake, when there’s a knock at the door.

“Hi mate, can you take a postal in for next door?”

So there’s me juggling Jakey in one hand, signing the postman’s hand-held computer with the other and trying to hide my half-naked body behind the door.

Who says men can’t multi-task?

James Barry




photograph credit: Multi-tasking dad by futurestreet, Flickr



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