O2 “astonished” by success of home working

O2 has labelled a home working experiment an “astonishing success”; citing increased staff productivity, cost and energy savings as positives.

Grapevine Magazine reports that the telecommunications operator let a quarter of its 12,000 Slough headquarters employees work at home on February 8th to see what merits there were in home working.

It found that as well as increased productivity – 36 per cent of staff said they worked harder than normal – employees were much happier about being left to their own devices at home.

More than one in ten employees said that they had more time to spend with their families as a result of working at home (14 per cent), while 16 per cent said they managed to get more sleep in. 12 per cent said their relaxation time could be extended.

For O2’s part, it generated 12-tonnes less in carbon dioxide emissions – where 1,000 cars would have normally hit the roads. In addition, it saw a 12 per cent decrease in its electricity consumption for the day and a drop in water usage by 53 per cent, adds People Management.

Ben Dowd, O2’s business director, said: “It (the experiment) shows that businesses really can make significant and lasting reductions to their environmental impact, in a multitude of areas. Above all though, it demonstrates that the principles underlying flexible working really are the principles that will build the future of work.”

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