PCG Offers Flexible Workspaces for Freelancers

PCG, the professional association representing freelancers, is adding free flexible office space to its PCG Plus membership following a new partnership with Club Workspace.

The partnership will for the first time allow PCG Plus members access to a network of drop-in spaces for entrepreneurs and SME’s and bridge the gap between client meetings and onsite work for London’s freelancers giving them back time in their working day.

In the initial phase Plus members will be able to access a hot desk, showers, coffee and Wifi at two sites in the City and London Bridge areas, as well as being able to book meeting rooms onsite.

John Brazier, Managing Director of PCG, says:

Many of our members tell us they often need to be in London for business meetings but have nowhere to work either before or after meaning a waste of the working day. This is the first rung on the ladder to PCG providing this support and ensuring freelancers can work where they need to, when they need to.

Plus members will also be able to enjoy a selection of free refreshments, and have access to printing and scanning facilities. Additionally, they will be able to book meeting rooms and connect to DreamStake, an online community that helps an ever-expanding community of London entrepreneurs and SMEs to stay connected.

James Friedenthal, a Divisional Director for Club Workspace (www.club.workspacegroup.co.uk), commented:

Workspace Group is very proud of this progressive partnership and is looking forward to welcoming PCG members to Club Workspace’s newly opened Clerkenwell and Leathermarket sites.

For more information, please visit www.pcg.org.uk


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