Politics and Plaid – How Ladies in the Limelight Dress for Success

Power Dressing

Whether freelancing, running a business or even a large economy, women know that dressing for success can help make a real statement regarding competence and charisma.

But finding the balance between functional, formal, ambitious and authoritative can be a something of a minefield.  You want to avoid those fashion faux-pas’ in that all important interview, conference or meeting, and yet you don’t want to fall into the dark realms of uniformity.  You still want to communicate your personality in the way you dress.

Some of the most successful women in the world are under constant scrutiny in both the way they work and the way they dress. In fact, the likes of Michelle Obama often cause waves of excitement through the media when it comes to fashion choice and dress sense.

So, for anyone looking for a little help when choosing suitable clothing for that important interview or business lunch, it may be well worth taking your cue from these well-known ladies in the limelight.


– Hilary Clinton

Not the most adventurous of our picks, but Hilary’s simple black and white tones are always well chosen and stylish.  When it’s combine correctly, a simple black suit with a white blouse is versatile and elegant, and puts across professionalism at that all-important interview.


– Michelle Obama

That name again! Mrs ‘O’ is something of a style guru in the political world and it’s easy to see why.  Dressing well and looking good is no longer the preserve of the wealthy, as she demonstrates in her ‘budget’ high-street Talbot dress.


– Christine Lagarde

French finance minister Christine Lagarde always manages to look unflappable and elegant, often with beautiful accessories.  You can’t go wrong with simple and elegant:  elegant boots such as these found within Zalando women’s boots range will ensure you look the part and in control at those all important business meetings.


– Yingluck Shinawatra

The Thai Prime Minister shows how you can dress elegantly and age-appropriately without looking stuffy and formal.  Her business suits are often set off by the vivid colours and patterns of her more Asian-influenced scarves and jewellery.  If you’re looking for something a little more expressive, simply add a colourful silk scarf to help add a little personality to what might otherwise be a monochrome business suit.


– Samantha Cameron

The British Prime Minister’s wife seems to have added a touch of much needed glamour not usually found in Conservative quarters.  The message here might be loud and proud to make sure your ideas are heard across the boardroom!


What about you?  How do you dress for success?


Chloe Thomas