Preparing your kids for a new school term? Try changing your work routine!

Are you enjoying the summer holidays with the kids? No doubt, you are preparing them for their new term this September – possibly a new school, new clothes and new goals.

But what about your “new term”? Do you run a business from home, and if so, what new goals have you set for yourself?

Why not make a fresh start this September, by reorganizing your home working routine.

Here are six tips to help you feel more enthused and inspired.


1. Treat yourself to furniture which inspires

IKEA’s furniture might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love their idea of mixing business with pleasure. Why not treat yourself to some new furniture?  Try incorporating modular furniture like a computer cabinet and a rolling file cart which can be easily moved around if you are limited for space, or make your filing exciting by using colourful mini cabinets to brighten up your room. Even Ryman have plenty of practical yet attractive products to organise your office – for example, their bright, colourful desk organisers to keep your desk neat and tidy.


2. Keep fit while you work

Once you have organised your furniture, place items – for instance, your printer, scanner, fax machine or filing cabinet – slightly out of arms reach so that when you’re working, you have to get up out of your chair. This will prevent you from feeling too sluggish.


Do you have a proper ergonomic office chair? Alternatively, how about using an exercise ball? Some people prefer this, as they say that when you make constant mini adjustments to keep your balance, it helps in toning your abs and bottom, so you get to work out, improve posture and even reduce stress. It is important to add, however, that some experts disagree with these claims, particularly if you suffer from lower back pain. So the recommendation is to seek expert advice.


3. Cut down on those snacks


Grazing or snacking is good for you, as long as you choose healthy options, as it helps you maintain a steady supply of energy. So instead of regular coffee and biscuit breaks, nibble on carrots, edible pea pods, seeds, fruits and raisins, etc. Not only are they yummy and nutritious – both for you and your little ones – they’re great for keeping cravings at bay.



4. Embrace creativity


To keep you inspired and to get those creative juices flowing, choose colours to enhance and lift your mood. Studies show that colours have a strong impact on moods and of course kids are fascinated with colours too, so spend some time on colour options which you all love.



5. Sort out your working hours


While it’s great to have flexible working hours, regularly making a habit of working well into the night while the kids are in bed can be exhausting. Whatever routine works best for you – whether a few hours in the morning, or a few hours in the evening, treat yourself to “sensible” working hours where you cut off at a specific time and stick to it. Try to treat yourself to at least one day off per week, when you don’t do any work on your business, but can spend time catching up with friends or some well-deserved “me” time.



6. Dress up for work


Comfort is the key element when you are working from home, but you don’t have to dress like a slob, or dress-up corporate style – unless you want to of course. Some say that wearing just one smart item, whether a smart shirt/pair of trousers/cardigan/jacket, helps put them in a smart, professional mood. This helps to differentiate work time from leisure time.


Often, it is the simple, little things which make a huge difference.

What tips would you add for keeping yourself feeling inspired, fit and healthy while you work?

Saeema Salim


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