Research suggests 80% want to work from home

Four out of five Brits want to work from home, a small-scale study has suggested.

According to Management Today‘s Emma Haslett, the study by call centre Arise revealed that this proportion would like to work from their house at least part of the time; with 58 per cent saying they would take a pay cut to do so.

The respondents who said they would be happy to be paid less explained that they would be able to save cash through the lower cost of childcare, transport and food, among other expenses.

Ms Haslett remarked: “No commute, working in your pyjamas, daytime telly – there’s no denying the fact that the idea of working from home is an attractive one, particularly when you’ve spent the past half-hour on a stationary train with your nose pressed into a stranger’s armpit.”

She noted that just 25 per cent of the UK currently work from home (a fact confirmed by the Office for National Statistics), but this survey shows there is a significant appetite for this type of employment.

CBS Moneywatch reporter Amy Levin-Epstein agreed that working from home can be a “blessing”, but she also suggested there are a lot of distractions around, so it is important to have an effective work strategy.

Having spoken to several people whose office is in their house, Ms Levin-Epstein recommended taking plenty of breaks, keeping track of time, making sure personal life is kept separate and dressing smartly.

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