Simple solutions to spruce up your home and office

Every few years, your apartment might need sprucing up.  It could be something very simple, such as sorting out new furniture to change the overall space of the room.  Or you might want to renovate it altogether.


For tenants, depending on what contract you have , you might have limited options on how much you’re able to change.  Although changing the wallpaper or painting the walls might be seen as a way of taking initiative and keeping the house in good shape, it’s usually seen as a big no-no if repairs are the responsibility of the landlord.  (It might be stated in the contract that you can’t use pins or blue-tack, which makes minor re-decorations even more difficult).

If you’re not very creative,  renovating a space for home or work could be a real hassle.  Going through magazines like House to Home that have great (but professional) ideas, make small renovations seem ambitious or even intimidating.  But if you’d much prefer to simply paint or wallpaper, then you’ll find lots of DIY tips and ideas can be found online.

Creative DIY ideas for your office space

When you set out to create an office space in your home, more often than not, it’s perceived as the most boring looking room in the house. Mainly because people try to make it tidy, professional and free from distractions.

In saying this though, trying to add a bit of colour or life in the room can help to influence your creativity and overall enthusiasm. If you’re thinking about something more innovative, check out sites like Design Sponge which offer brilliant tips on storage space ideas, or office interior ideas from everyday homes.

Otherwise another simple solution are posters. You have a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and bold or good quality images can really help influence a space.

Prints of famous art pieces like those by Caspar David Friedrich or beautiful landscape photography posters can be found on

There are many simple and creative solutions you can find for your office online. Feel free to add your favourite websites in the comments below.

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