Social interaction: why you need it and where to find it

social interaction - work your way

social interaction - work your way

“Use each interaction to be the best, most powerful version of yourself. ”  Marianne Williamson

One of the first things you realise when you move from working in an office, to working from home is that it can be lonely!

If you’re used to the buzz of an office it can be hard to adjust to a new, solitary working day.

Without regular periods of human interaction, you can end up completely demotivated.

It’s all too easy to let yourself slip into the life of a recluse and accept loneliness as a consequence of your lifestyle choice, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Getting out and socialising will not only improve your health, it’ll do wonders for your work too!

So here are some ideas on how to boost your social life.


  • If you think you’re too busy working to have a social life, then you’re just going to have to fit it in somewhere. Making time for friends and family is just as important to your success as the other things on your ‘to do’ list.  So schedule it into your working week. Go out for dinner, join working friends for lunch once a month, or pick the phone and catch up properly for a good old natter.
  • If you really think you can’t spend the time away from work, then local networking groups are a guilt-free way to ‘socialise’. They’re a great way to meet like-minded freelancers (or potential clients) from a variety of different sectors or niches, so you can exchange ideas and even get new clients in the process.
  • Hobbies and interests always have good scope for social interaction.  So join a gym, local sports team, book club, sign up for an evening class, take a business course – they’ll get you out of the house and will help you pick up some extra skills.
  • If you’re looking to widen your contacts across the country, why not attend a conference or seminar in your niche.
  • If you have time to spare and want to do something worthwhile in the pursuit of social interaction, why not volunteer with a charity? Charities are crying out for help and you could spend just a couple of hours a week doing something different and meeting new people. It looks great on your resume too!
  • Co-working or office sharing is a great way to get that workplace camaraderie and banter back without having to resort to getting a ‘proper’ job.  Try a local Jelly Group.  A great way to co-work with others in a relaxed environment without the hard sell of networking.
  • Or, if you’d rather not share an office, pop into one of your local café.  They’re a great way to break up the solitude.  For the price of a couple of cups of coffee, you can work uninterrupted while enjoying the bustle of human life around you. Sometimes you don’t even have to talk to people – it’s just nice to know they’re there!


Over to you.  What tips would you add?



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