Start the New Year Year a healthy new you

healthy new year

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How will you start the New Year?  The same old you, or a healthy new you?

Let’s put some fun into this.  If you could be a car, what would it be? A sports car, vintage model, people carrier, saloon, estate car, convertible, SUV, camper van, pick-up truck or commercial van?

When you’re going on a trip, whether it is long or short, do you take care of your car? Do you do regular tyre checks, clean windows, top up with fuel, water and oil, or a yearly service?

When you go to work, go on a business trip or a holiday, do you take care of your body? Do you do regular exercise, eat healthy, drink enough water, a yearly check-up with your doctor?

Does your car have enough fuel, oil and water? Is the tyre pressure correct? Are your lights and indicators working?

Is your meal a balance of vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, good fat and water? Do you pay attention to your body indicators?


Lets compare your body to your preferred car and its functions.

Imagine the proteins to be the building blocks for bones, muscles, teeth, brain and other vital organs. You could say they are the framework of the car, the chassis, engine, doors, windows, boot and tyres.

Imagine the carbohydrates to be the fuel for your body to make it go, exercise and concentrate. Some fuels are more efficient than others and they last longer in the body by choosing the right fuel. By mixing your fuels can cause harm therefore pick the right “petrol or diesel” for your car.

Imagine if you did not eat colourful fruit and vegetables? This fibre in the body keeps us satisfied, regular, it keeps you in check and going in the right direction. You could say that fibre is like the police and traffic wardens who keep the roads in order and keep traffic going in the right direction.

Just like a car needs the right amount of quality oil for it to run smoothly, so your body needs the right amount of good fats to keep you lubricated. Bear in mind that the oil reservoir in a car is small. Similarly, not much oil is needed in your body.

A car needs water to keep its engine cool, the windscreen and body clean. So does your body, to regulate your temperature, clear out waste and keep you clean.

Once the balance is right you will find it easier to concentrate and be active.

And remember, if you were to remodel a car, it would take time, care and effort to get the result you are expecting, so be patient when remodeling your body.

Get those wheels in motion!


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