Submission Guidelines


Work Your Way is a community for freelancers, on a mission to create a work life that they love, on purpose.

The blog was started in 2011 and since then has grown to reach thousands across Twitter, Facebook and Google+, thanks to contributors like yourself.

Articles here at Work Your Way help Freelancers find projects that they love; including how to find their ideal client; how to charge premium fees; how to enjoy their marketing in a way that feels natural, and much more.

Equally, there are articles here that will appeal to people who are yearning to start something new, such as how to find their passion in life, or how to monetise a hobby and turn it into a paying business.

And because finding work that you love means having a life that you love, there are articles here that show how to blend it all in a way that supports and nurtures the person.  How to be mindful; how to be confident; or how to stay motivated when the going gets tough.

Do you have a topic such as these to share with Work Your Way readers?

If you do, as long as it has not been previously published anywhere else, (and as long as it has not been published on your own blog) please feel free to submit it for publication here.


Guidelines – Dos, Dont’s and Optional’s

  • OPTIONAL:  One thing that popular posts on Work Your Way have in common, is that they include a quote at the beginning of the post.  It’s not obligatory, but if you do, please DO NOT include song lyrics (as it breaches copyright) and please DO attribute your quote to the appropriate person/author.
  • DO:  Aim for a word count between 800 to 1,000.
  • DO:  Show clear, practical and actionable steps.  You don’t need to stick to a list format.  Just be sure not to ramble, leaving the reader wondering ‘so what?’.  There should be a clear message or lesson, something that the reader can take away as a powerful motivator for action.
  • DO:  Submit original articles only.  This means an article which has NOT been published anywhere else, including on your own blog.
  • DO:  Include a short bio 100 words or less, at the bottom of your post. You MAY include a link back to your website, but please ensure your link is not broken.  Feel free to include in your bio a promotion if you have one.
  • DON’T:   No Self-promotion in the article. This means DO NOT refer to your workshop, business, course or service directly in the body of your article.  Reserve this for a short mention in your bio (remember – 100 words or less).
  • DON’T:  DO NOT be offensive.  I don’t curse and won’t allow it on my blog.  Additionally, please ensure your article does not contain material which is defamatory to any person, or is obscene, offensive, hateful, inflammatory, sexually explicit, promotes violence or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.  It will NOT be published.


  • Some of my readers are changing their career from employed prisoner to freelance freedom.  What tips would you have for someone entering a freelance career for the first time?
  • The majority of my readers are seasoned freelancers who want to do it more productively and profitably.  What tips do you have for them?
  • If you are a creative freelancer, how have you managed that precarious balance between creativity and sound business acumen?
  • While on the subject of creativity, what do *YOU* do when you feel stuck – whether ‘stuck’ for you means writer’s block or all-round creative block, how do you manage to push past it?
  • What tips would you share on selecting, working with (or firing) clients?
  • How do you juggle your freelance career with home life – how do you manage a great work life blend?
  • There are also softer skills such as how to be mindful, confident, motivated, purposeful, etc., what can you share on any of those or similar subjects.
  • What other aspects of creative freelancing would you like to share with my readers – go ahead and submit your ideas.

How to Submit


Please note that I may need to edit your article to ensure consistency with my blog.  This includes changing the title and/or editing the article for style, clarity and grammar.

I will, however, send proposed changes to you for your approval before publishing it on the blog.

If your article is a good fit, I will aim to respond within a week.



I offer sponsored editorial for a fee of £75, for carefully selected organisations or individuals, where I see there’s a good fit for readers of my blog and where I feel the article offers genuine value for creative freelancers.

Please note the following:

  • Your article will be clearly identified as sponsored.
  • Non-editorial (ie paid for) links will be marked with the attribute rel=”no-follow” as per Google’s Pagerank guidelines.
  • Your article will be shared across my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social media channels.


Thanks again for your interest in contributing to Work Your Way.