Teaching Good Work Habits to Kids

One of my boys has a detention this week, for failing to hand in homework. Again. Really, he has no excuse. And I am at my wits’ end! It seems like the Homework Battle has been going on in my

Social Networking – How much is OK for your kids?

Sharing good news with friends is normal human behaviour, and the freedom to comment on everything feels exhilarating. Furthermore, these sites allow kids to stay in touch, socialise, boost creativity and develop technical skills.However, experts warn that online socialisation may replace real-life experiences because of its convenience..

Deciphering Dyslexia

In Issue 2: What do Richard Branson, Alexander Graham Bell, Roald Dahl and Walt Disney all have in common? Dyslexia. Claire Bolton sheds some light on the subject and highlights the importance of early intervention.

Taming Teeangers – one parent’s angst!

A toddler or a teenager – which would you prefer? I’d go for teething, tantrums and sleepless nights every time. A 2-year-old may be physically exhausting but at least there is the reward of a big grin, a sloppy kiss and a massive hug.

How to be the ‘perfect parent’ at parents night!

When your child hands you that letter from school inviting you to parents’ night, you could have mixed emotions. I’ve been on both sides of the fence as a parent and a teacher. Parents’ nights should be helpful. Follow a few simple rules and get the most out of them.