Because third-party testimonials and reviews matter, here’s what some people have said about me, my courses and this blog at Work Your Way.

“An extremely engaging and believable tutor. I feel she has walked the journey and I am getting some solid advice that I can apply at a practical level. Thank-you Mary, really!”  Sanja Gohre – Student of The Business of Freelancing, Freelance Success


“Mary has provided an in-depth look into how you can put together niche service packages that are profitable. I took this course because along with re-branding my business I also wanted to start using package pricing because I have spent the last 3.5 years trading my time for money, and it’s no longer working for me. The course is in-depth, and Mary goes well beyond showing you how you create these packages, she also covers marketing, social media and other areas which have really given me some great ideas for the future of my business. I now plan on spending some time really planning my packages following all of Mary’s wonderful advice. Great course, and I would recommend it to any freelancer who is still trading their time for money.” Jo Harrison, Student – The Business of Freelancing, Freelance Success


“Mary has taught me how crucial it is to work ON your business as well as IN it. I have benefited enormously from getting an outside view on what I do and how to do it better. Working with Mary has brought about a clarity I hadn’t managed to achieve on my own and I now feel more confident in putting what I’ve learned into practice and promoting my business to a wider audience and growing my client-base.  Mary’s coaching has been invaluable and her care and attention greatly appreciated as she learned about my business. She has a lovely sense of humour and is a real pleasure to work with.”  Natalie Wills, Publishing Consultant – Student “90 Days to Higher Paying Clients” (now revised as The Business of Freelancing, Freelance Success)


“Forums such as London Mums and Work Your Way are invaluable for forging new relationships, sparking ideas and providing advice in an easy, accessible way.”  Mr Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary and Former Mayor of London, March 2012.


“As a fellow Parent Entrepreneur, I’d like to thank you for re-minding me what it feels like when passion fuses with purpose!” Daniel Bothma  


“Mary is a dedicated professional with a wealth of knowledge… It has been a pleasure to work with her.” Deborah Durbin, Freelance Journalist, Writer, Editor


“Mary is fantastic to work with. She’s professional, encouraging, inspirational and full of ideas….” Katy Lassetter, Copywriter and Digital Marketing Consultant at Chichester Copywriter


“Mary’s talents seem limitless with a portfolio which includes a copywriter and designer with a keen eye for detail. I am delighted to recommend Mary and know that anyone who comes into contact with her and has the opportunity to work with her will remain colleagues for many years to come.” Lorraine Allman, Author and Director at Enterprising Child


“Feeling chuffed! Had my first wedding done and dusted over the weekend in Nottingham. 200 Ivory and Gold Cupcakes and a Giant Cupcake for the Top Tier. Would like to say the “Biggest Thank You” Mary, for the mentoring a few weeks before. It’s all been a great experience and I know where I need to make adjustments re pricing. Your advice is priceless – it’s been a great learning curve and I’m ready for more!”   Melony Grant, Melony’s Marvelous Cakes


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