5 Tips for Healthy Homeworking

What is most important about your business?

Your skills?
Your qualifications?
Business mentoring and support?~
Certainly all of the above. But the most important is – YOU!

As mums, we often push ‘Number 1’ to the bottom of a very large pile of tasks to be completed or seen to. Yet, for the survival of your business and your own sanity, maintaining healthy homeworking is essential.


Homeworking on the increase

Stats have shown there are approximately 4.8 million small businesses in the UK, 3.6 are self employed/sole proprietors and a large percentage will be working from a home office or using home as their base. Running your own business is not a ‘nine to five’ role and some days will be long and exhausting, particularly if much of your day is spent hunched over your laptop!


Prevention rather than cure

No doubt your Accountant or business advisor advised you to take out critical illness cover or emergency accident insurance – I have both but used neither. I would, however, suggest that the best advice one can give is to proactively stay fit and healthy.


5 great tips on healthy homeworking!

  1. Take a break: Don’t be tempted to work through the day without at least a half hour break away from your desk and screen. Even better still, get up, have a good stretch, and go for a brisk walk. A breath of fresh air will work wonders for productivity.
  2. Are you sitting comfortably? Do invest in a good quality chair with lumbar support. Sitting properly on the right chair may well save you a fortune in Osteopath fees.
  3. Screen workers: Do you regularly have headaches? Are you drinking enough water, getting enough fresh air, taking regular breaks away from your computer screen? Find the cause and don’t be dismissive of what your body is telling you. However, don’t frighten yourself that every headache might be a sign of something serious e.g. a stroke – you may just need an eye test.
  4. Stress busting: I once addressed a networking group of women in business and joked that there are three essential things every woman needs, Mentoring, Massage and Chocolate – all great mood lifters.Mentoring: We all need a mentor or business coach to keep us inspired and to use as a sounding board to run ideas by every once in a while. Even if you decide to go ahead with something they are not so keen on, at least you have discussed it and thought it through.Regular Exercise: With the pressure of running your own business, this can be pushed to the side lines if not forgotten altogether. Do join an exercise class, at least once or twice per week. If you don’t let out that stress your body won’t thank you for it later on, in fact it may just repay you with sleeping or stomach problems, high blood pressure, headaches, and so forth. If you can’t fit in a regular exercise class, why not treat yourself to good massage. Get rid of those knotted muscles, you don’t need them and half an hour of ‘me time’ will benefit the whole family. Wherever possible, leave the car at home and take a brisk walk.
  5. Emotional/Spiritual Health: It is equally as important to ‘care for your soul’, so don’t neglect your emotional or spiritual health. This could include Yoga, Reiki, meditation, silent prayer or other forms of deep relaxation.

When you are ill, aside from the pressure of neglected work, it is very frustrating if you cannot do the things you enjoy. It is also very hard to make up the lost time for your business and you may lose out financially.

Find time for yourself, reflect and re-charge those batteries!

Annie Manning

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