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In the age of flexi-time, hot-desking, working remotely and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), it’s never been more important for employees to get the most out of their technology. While debate is still fierce over PC or Mac, the reality is that many people have to work across both systems and need a solution that can make working from home easy. It should be harmonious, not a hassle.

If we look at the creative industries as an example, a lot of the self-employed, such as freelancers and consultants, use a Mac as their choice of machine citing greater fluidity and ease of use of creative applications. And while a Mac uses OS X, freelancers and small business workers may still need to access Windows programmes such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, time-keeping tools, and design applications such as AutoCad.

The nature of a freelancer’s role means that they’re often working in different environment at various locations. The IT requirements of different companies and different tools will vary, so they need to keep one step ahead of the game. A balance needs to be struck between both a PC and a Mac to support the diverse needs of clients.

The answer is simple. Virtualisation. ‘Virtualising’ Windows on a Mac means you can simultaneously use Windows applications needed for work (or hobbies) all on one computer without rebooting. It’s that easy.

Parallels Desktop for Mac is the latest version of the No. 1-selling software for running Windows and Mac applications simultaneously on a Mac without rebooting.


New and enhanced features of Parallels Desktop 8 make it easy for people who love their Macs and want to simultaneously run Windows apps like Internet Explorer, OneNote, Quicken and more. Bringing together the newest versions of the two most popular operating systems opens up a world of opportunity by allowing users to choose how they want Mac and Windows to collaborate. From having the familiar Windows desktop in full screen to having Windows run invisibly, Parallels Desktop for Mac delivers powerful performance to run Windows applications, even graphic-intensive ones, like they were made for a Mac.

Some of the key features of using Parallels Desktop for Mac include:


  • Drag and drop email attachments – Simply drag and drop files from the desktop onto the Dock icons for Outlook and other Windows email clients to attach and share them
  • Multilingual keyboard – Keyboard language changes made on the Mac automatically sync, to simplify switching languages in Windows
  • Resource monitoring – Disk space and memory usage of virtual machines are conveniently displayed for easy customization and management
  • No-hassle presentations – The new Presentation Wizard makes presentations interruption-free by disabling screensavers on Mac and Windows, optimizing the full-screen display and automatically adjusting resolution
  • Improved graphics – Don’t compromise, even with graphically intensive applications.


Operating Windows virtually off a Mac brings the best of both worlds together and bridges the gap between work and play. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business or self-employed, Parallels Desktop for Mac is an ideal solution to make your work life simple, not stressful.

You can get a free trial of Parallels Desktop for Mac, plus video demos, tutorials and more online at:



I’m Mary Cummings, a ghostwriter, collaborator and all round word doctor. I help business owners write and publish business books; I'm also passionate about helping creative freelancers find work that they love - their work sweet spot with work on their terms, projects they love and clients who are a dream to work for.

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