Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

Increasingly more businesses, large and small, see outsourcing as viable alternative to hiring someone on a permanent basis. technical or specialist support. They realise that being able to hire someone on an ad-hoc basis could potentially be more favourable than hiring someone on a permanent basis.

But if you’re a one-man-band, you’re probably fretting over your (extremely tight) budget, in which case, you might think that technical or specialist support is far too expensive and be tempted to try to tackle everything yourself.

Virtual Assistants provide a valuable role for the much smaller, or micro-business, by providing a range of services remotely.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant for your business.

Hiring a VA helps you focus on what you do best

In general, admin tasks are time-consuming and repetitive – and yet they’re vital for the smooth running of your business.

Many of these can be carried out remotely and outsourced to a Virtual Assistant such as:

  • Screen your emails and/or respond on your behalf
  • Manage your diary/travel arrangements
  • Manage your bookkeeping, raise invoices, chase payments, etc.
  • Data/Event management
  • Typing and Transcription
  • Making telephone calls

Outsourcing these will free up your time, and help you to be more productive so you can get on with the business of running your business.

Have the ‘A’ Team on board

Many Virtual Assistants specialise by providing a niche service to clients in one particular sector, for example, Medical Transcribers, Legal Assistants, etc.

They will have trained and worked in these sectors before making the decision to set up their own businesses. So it’s perfectly feasible, for you to find an assistant who has the relevant skills and training to support you in your particular business.

Not all Virtual Assistants provide clerical assistance. Other professional services include blogging, copywriting, marketing, social media support, time management, a virtual receptionist, Website management – you name it, the chances are you will find someone who can provide it.

If you’re struggling with routine admin tasks, or simply need an expert to help you with a one-off project, a Virtual Assistant might just be your perfect solution.

But what if you are thinking about becoming a virtual assistant?  Here’s how to get started – check out the blog post “How to become a virtual assistant’.



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