My Guest Post – Why toddlers and computers do not mix

My guest post - why toddlers and computers do not mix

I should have seen it coming.  It was a glorious hot summer’s day and I’d promised the kids a picnic in the park.  But the temptation to check my Inbox was far too strong.


As any home working parent knows too well, juggling work and the summer holidays is no mean feat.  You have to somehow entertain the kids, keep them out of mischief and keep your work ticking along at the same time.

It’s simply easier to keep the computer switched on.  That way, you can sneak in some work while they’re quietly watching daytime telly.

“Mummy’s just finishing off this one thing, darlings.  Won’t be a moment.”

We’ve all done it, haven’t we.

But as we all know, it never stops at just one thing.  However hard you try, one thing seems to lead to another, and then another, until before you know it a whole hour has slipped by!

And that was my downfall.

I’d pushed that one quick thing just a bit too far.

By the time I had finally torn myself away from the computer and tiptoed into the kitchen to pack lunch for the picnic, one two-year-old little madam was clearly very hacked off.

I waltzed back into the living room, feeling quite proud of myself that it was still only one o’clock in the afternoon.  We could still get a decent picnic in after all.

But my triumph turned into confusion at the sight of 36 little black tiles scattered all over the floor, and then into horror, at the sight of little madam and her ‘Handy Manny’ toy screwdriver hovering over the keyboard.

True story!

That was four years ago, but it’s a lesson I have never forgotten.

Toddlers and computers do not mix.  Get an office!

So in celebration of  Work From Home Week, that – and these 4 other tips – is what you should avoid when you work from home.  [Read full article]




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