Young mums are creating their own opportunities

Young mums, discontent with long working hours and the office banter, are finding innovative ways to carry on working without the stress. profiled a number of these ambitious women who are finding that creating their own start-up companies is often a more viable way of getting back into the working world after giving birth.

Malwina Kazimierczak immediately noticed that she wasn’t alone in wanting to get back to work, yet after returning to the hotel industry that she had worked in for 18 months prior to giving birth, she found the atmosphere had changed.

“From the beginning I had to prove that I could do my job, that I even still wanted to work,” she explained.

Malwina has gone on to open a café for young mothers with children, with two rooms – one dedicated to each group. Inside she organises pre-school lessons ranging from music activities to exercises and language classes.

Anna Dobrzycka meanwhile went back to work part-time in PR after her first child was born. However, a little after deciding she wanted her second child, she says “it was time to start something on my own.”

Anna decided to become a freelancer, joining an community of around 1.56 million others in the UK (according to and set up an affordable online furniture shop, somewhat akin in principle to Ikea.

However, it was so successful that it started getting out of control: “The online shop started growing fast. There were situations when I would be breastfeeding and strangers would be knocking at my door saying they were visiting the shop.”

Anna explained that surfers had located her address because of the website, forcing her to open a traditional shop.

“I care a lot about my business, it’s like my third child,” she adds. “Thanks to it, as of 4pm, I can devote all my time to my kids.”

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